Widgetsmith FAQs

Our next major update has arrived - Widgetsmith 2.0!

This version includes the introduction of themes into the app, with makes it easier than ever to customize and set your favorite aesthetic. We’ve also added the RGB/HEX color chooser that so many of you have asked for!

Widgetsmith 2.0 - How to use the themes

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How do I use the new aesthetic options?

To apply an aesthetic, open the Widgetsmith app and then select the existing widget you want to change, or press “add widget” to create a new one. To customize the look, press the widget and scroll down to the “aesthetic/theme” title. There you will see a variety of themes to choose from. Once selected, you can also press “customize theme” to further personalize the background, font, tint color, border and also add artwork such as the fall themed pumpkins (some artwork is for premium subscribers only).

Once you have the style you want, you can choose whether to “apply to this widget only” or to “update theme everywhere”. If you update theme everywhere, then every widget you select with this theme moving forward will have your same customized look.

Can I change the size or shape of my widget?

Yes and no. There are three sizes to choose from – small (square), medium (horizontal rectangle) and large (square). We are confined to those three sizes and shapes by the iOS platform.

How do I remove ads in Widgetsmith?

Showing a small ad in the app allows you to use Widgetsmith completely free with no charge. If you do want to remove ads, just become a Premium Subscriber and that will remove ads in the app as well as giving you access to great additional features like weather data and beautifully crafted custom themes. Thanks for your support!

Can I remove the “Widgetsmith” label at the bottom of my widget on my homescreen?

Unfortunately, no. Apple’s iOS requires the app name to be listed underneath each app and widget. Sorry about that!

Can I change the first day of the week on my calendar?

YES! This is a new feature in version 1.1. Open Widgetsmith-> Settings -> Calendar settings. There you can select whichever day of the week you’d like to begin with. Hey, go crazy and start your week on a Thursday if you want to! The world is your oyster.

How do I add custom colors? Do you have RGB and HEX?

Yes! In version 2.0 we added RGB and HEX as color chooser options. Any widget type that has a tile labeled “tint color” or “background color” within the aesthetic/theme tile is customizable to be whatever color you would like. You can select from our set of pre-determined colors, or select “custom” to pick a specific color on the spectrum by running your finger along the color chooser. To save this color to be used later, click the “+” icon underneath the color chooser and it will save up to six personalized colors for you to apply in all of your widgets.


How do I add widgets to my home screen?

Here’s how to get your widgets onto your home screen:

  1. Customize the widget in Widgetsmith
  2. Go to your home screen
  3. Long press anywhere on the screen to get into “jiggle mode”
  4. Press the “+” button to add a widget
  5. Search “Widgetsmith” in widgets
  6. Select the size widget you have customized and press “Add Widget”
  7. Tap on the widget and then select the name of your custom widget from the list
  8. While you are still in jiggle mode you can rearrange your widgets on your home screen. Tap “done” when you are finished.

TIP: Rename your widget to make it easier to find when you add it to your homescreen.

How do I add Widgetsmith on my iPad?

Widgets work very differently on the iPad. You can add widgets to the “today” view on your iPad, but the process is different than on your phone. For an overview of how to use widgets on the iPad (including how to add third party widgets like Widgetsmith) check out this link: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT211328

Do you have Widgetsmith available in other languages?

Thanks for your interest in having Widgetsmith in another language other than English, but we aren’t able to localize the app into any other languages at this time. Sorry about that!

I don’t see a widget option on my phone – how do I get widgets?

Make sure that you have updated to the latest version of iOS. If you go into your phone settings – general – software update. You should have iOS 14 installed as the latest update.


Why do I see a grey box rather than my widget content?

Sometimes you’ll see a grey box when the content you customized is not accessible. Check to make sure that you didn’t accidentally delete the widget you configured in Widgetsmith. If you did, just hard press on the widget, select “edit widget” and choose a new widget from the list of widget options (press the blue word). If you don’t see any widgets you want to use, you can always configure a new one in Widgetsmith.

If you have installed a widget to your home screen and it’s just a grey box with no text, we are continuing to track down additional possible bugs. Most likely, it is an iOS14 bug and we are working with Apple to find solutions. In the meantime, try restarting your phone.

I see a black box where my photo widget was. What happened?

If you see a black box where your photo widget should be, it means the app doesn’t have access to your photo library any more. Try opening Widgetsmtih and reselecting the photo. If that doesn’t work, select the app “settings” - “manage permissions” - “manage photos” - then select “all photos” in the “allow photos access” area.


How do I change my photo in the widget?

In the “custom” style options, the app has multiple different photo options. You can choose a single photo in a variety of formats or select “photos in album” which will keep switching between pictures from this album throughout the day (once every 15 mins or so). To change the photo, create a new widget in the Widgetsmith app with your desired photo. (see “How do I set up a photos widget?”)

How do I set up a photos widget?

Widgetsmith lets you set a specific photo or album or for display on the widget. If you select “photos in album” the widget will keep switching between pictures from this album throughout the day. If you select “photo” you can choose one picture that will be a static image on your widget. Version 1.1 also allows you to adjust the location of your image in the frame. To do this, press the “selected photo” tile and then select “adjust image alignment” to arrange the picture in the frame.

To setup a single photo widget:


Is Widgetsmith free?

Yes! Most of the features of the app are completely free. If you would like to become a Premium Subscriber, that will provide you with additional features (like access to weather data) and will support the continued development of the app. We hope to add more premium features soon.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Sorry to hear that the subscription isn’t providing enough value for you! The app is dependent on subscribers for us to continue to improve and develop the app (and subscriptions will give you awesome additional features like weather and tide data, with more perks to come!) If you do want to cancel, open the “settings” inside Widgetsmith and then select “Manage Membership” -> “Manage Subscription”. This will allow you to cancel your membership.


Why can’t I autolaunch the relevant tool?

This feature ran into some technical difficulties. Until Dave (the developer) is able to get it working reliably, he’s temporarily removed in from the app. Thanks for your patience.

Does Widgetsmith integrate with other apps?

Unfortunately, no. The way iOS14 is designed, each app is self-contained and we are unable to connect to other third party apps or content outside of Widgetsmith. You can enjoy the variety of tools Widgetsmith itself has to offer in its “Tools” area on the app, including weather, calendar, a time zone calculator and more.