Aeropress coffee without a sink.

How I make great tasting Aeropress coffee without needing a sink.

The great thing about this method is that you can make your own coffee in places where typically that wouldn’t be feasible.  For example, I’m planning to make my midday coffee while at WWDC using this method.  I can just get hot water from a water cooler and then my own coffee and escape the horrid stuff from the conference center. 

You will need:

- An Aerobie AeroPress

- An electric Kettle or hot water source (Capresso Electric Glass Kettle)

- A burr grinder (Cuisinart Grinder))

- Two paper napkins

- Tasty, fresh roasted, whole coffee beans (Sweet Marias or JB Peel)

Takes about 2-3 minutes now that I’ve got the method well practiced. 

David Smith