One Last Thing…

While listening to last week’s The Talk Show John and Dan discussed the prospect of Steve appearing at the iPhone 5 launch event. While I tend to agree with them that in all likelihood it will be Tim Cook and Phil Schiller talking through the lineup, I couldn’t help by try and imagine how it would go down otherwise.

Here is the result of letting my imagination run wild, a bit of ‘fan fiction’, as it were. I could see a desire to create a public, specific point in time when we began the post-Steve era. Here is how I imagine it going down.

The usual Jack Johnson dies down and we see Tim Cook walking out on stage. A step or two behind him comes Steve. The audience was politely clapping for Tim, but when they see Steve the expected ovation begins.

The keynote switches from the Apple logo to just the phrase ‘One Last Thing…’

Once the audience settles down Steve says simply “We have done some amazing things here at Apple. From my parent’s garage 35 years ago until today we created the best in class in personal computing. Today we continue that history with a number of exciting announcements.”


With his trademarked coy smile Steve then says “Tim, I think you should take it from here”, and walks off the stage.

David Smith