It's a Trap

This morning I was listening to the impromptu Pamphlet special on 5by5. In this episode Dan walks through all the various details of his recording setup. He talks about his mics, his headphones, his computers, and his software. It caught my ear when he mentioned that he has multiple backups recorders running of all of his shows. Specifically, that all the audio ever sent out on the live stream is also sent to JustinTV where it is constantly being recorded.

This made me think back to December 16th, when John Siracusa and Dan were recording episode #46 of Hypercritical. Following the recording of the live show they did a very brief ‘after dark’ that was not recorded or published. In it John said something that was one of my 5by5 highlights for 2011. He did an impersonation of Admiral Ackbar’s legendary line from Return of the Jedi, “It’s a Trap!”. I thought this was lost to the ether as it wasn’t recorded, but after a bit of digging in the JustinTV archives I hit pay dirt. Here is the clip for posterity:

David Smith