The nature of writing apps for sale in the App Store means that there are many things that you are simply not in control of. You cede this control to Apple in exchange for access to their marketplace. These things include direct access to your customers, the ability to make whatever software you like and control over the timeline of your releases.

As an app developer you can prepare, but you can never plan.

I truly believe the policies of the App Store, by and large, help me make more money. They create an environment where millions of customers around the world gladly part with billions of dollars each year. Apple does a good job of patrolling the store and keeping things safe for users. They aren’t perfect, but they do a consistently great job.

I mention all this because the major update to Audiobooks that I was hoping to launch today has been delayed due to a need for ‘extended review’ time. The details of the delay are unclear but I expect it is a simple misunderstanding and all will be resolved soon. This disappointment, however, is nevertheless difficult. I’m excited to launch the software I’ve spent the last few months working on. Every time I see a customer complain about something that I know is fixed and improved in the new version I go a little crazy.

Patience is probably the most important attribute of a successful app developer. Without it you’ll go mad. In the 3.5 years I’ve had apps on the Store I’ve encountered almost every imaginable delay and hiccup. At first I’d get all bent out of shape about them. Now, as I’ve spent more time doing this, I see them as just the symptoms of the great system that makes my living. Without them I don’t think I’d be able to have made a living at this for so long.

So I’ll just keep preparing for the launch. Hoping to share the great new features and aesthetics I have ready—soon.

David Smith