Millions of pixels: Visualizing the Retina MacBook Pro

The new MacBook Pro introduced at WWDC features a new ‘Retina’ grade display with a resolution of 2880x1800. This is the highest resolution display Apple has ever shipped, besting the now discontinued 30” Cinema (2560x1600) by a million pixels.

I find numbers like this hard to compare without visualizing them. Here is a diagram comparing the resolution of every display Apple currently ships across all product lines. In this context it is clear just how huge the new display really is.

View at Full Resolution

Another view of the same data is to compare the actual pixel count of each display. The new display has 1.5M pixels more than the next largest screen, an entire 13” MacBook Air screen worth.

I’m still not sure if I’ll purchase one of these machines, nevertheless, they are an impressive feat of engineering.

David Smith