The Only Numbers That Matter To Me

Today was Apple’s earnings announcement for the first quarter of 2013. As usual there is the inane din of analysts getting their knickers in a knot over whether Apple’s record breaking financial performance was good enough. I’ve long stopped caring about Apple’s stock price or what Wall Street thinks of the company.

Here are the only numbers in these announcements that I care about:

  • 47.8M new iPhone sales. 6 new potential customers every second.
  • 22.9M new iPad sales. 3 new potential customers every second.
  • ~7.9M new iPod touch sales. 1 new potential customer every second. [1]

I can’t think of anything more motivating as a developer than 10 new potential customers arriving to my platform every second.

1: Estimated based on the statement of 10 total iOS devices sold per second.

David Smith