Saying Goodbye to my Wallet

I don’t like carrying around a wallet. Honestly, I really don’t like carrying anything in my pockets. I look at sites like Everyday Carry and I get a little bit twitchy. If I could go about my daily life with nothing in my pockets I’d be very happy, but unfortunately I can’t. There are a few items that I always need to have with me when leaving the house:

  • My iPhone
  • My car keys
  • My driver’s license
  • A credit card

It isn’t a long list. I’ve tried over the years to streamline this as much as possible. My key chain only has a car key and my house key on it. I only have a single credit card that all daily purchases go on. Up until a few weeks ago this list meant that I had 3 distinct things that I would carry around with me. My iPhone, a Slimmy wallet, and my keys. Not bad but still annoying.

I really don’t like having a case on my phone. It ruins the nice feel of the device and in the six years of having an iPhone I had never dropped it in such a way that would have benefited from a case (knock on wood). But I dislike having bulky things to carry even more so I started looking for a better approach. A few weeks ago I got a Speck SmartFlex case. This is an iPhone case with a little slot in the back that allows you to carry 2-3 cards along with your phone.

I have been really, really pleased with the result.

Everything I need is contained within a little package that fits easily into any trousers. The case is slim enough that I don’t feel like I’m carrying around a battle ready, bubble-wrapped iPhone. The texture is smooth enough that it doesn’t get stuck when pulling it out. The slot in the back is only just big enough for what I need so it isn’t wasting space.

If you’ve ever thought of reducing what you carry I can highly recommend this approach.

David Smith