A Few Podcast Appearances

It seems that the way I am able to keep Developing Perspective to 15 minutes might be that I guest on other people’s podcasts and ramble on for hours. I was on three podcasts this last week.

  • The Prompt - #52: Koala Consortium • Myke and Federico invited on to talk about the improvements we saw in the App Store at WWDC. Specifically how they addressed or help with the issues I outlined in my Towards a Better App Store series.
  • The CocoaConf Podcast - #2: WWDC 2014 Reflections • I spoke with Daniel Steinberg about how I stay focused and seek out opportunities based on the WWDC announcements. This was recorded before WWDC but the reflections I made apply well to the massive changes announced there.
  • Release Notes - #57 • Charles and Joe asked me to talk through the business aspects of building a diverse product lineup. Rather than focusing on a single product line I have built my business on having a wide and diverse catalog that in aggregate allows me a dependable income.

I should probably also mention that last week’s episode of Developing Perspective outlined the approach I take each summer to dissect the WWDC announcements and work out what I should adopt.

David Smith