Typical iPhone Adoption Rates

While watching yesterday’s announcements I got curious about how quickly a new iPhone gets adopted in the marketplace. This was particularly important for apps of mine like Pedometer++ which rely on specific hardware features. This year it is more about understanding how quickly these new screensizes will become common in use.

So I took a look through my iOS Version data and graphed the adoption of the iPhone 5s/5c. The usual caveats about this being usage based and representative of the audience of my Audiobooks apply but it is likely still pretty useful to see.

Looks like we can expect around 10% adoption of a new iPhone by December and then 20% by late summer next year. The iPhone 6 may go quicker than the 5s since it is such a dramatically different device form-factor (but then of course it could also go slower?). Either way looks like making sure apps run well on these big screens needs to be a pretty quick turnaround for developers.


David Smith