AILW: Building a basic WatchKit App (Video)

watchOS series

This is Part Three of a new series I’m doing here on my blog called As I Learn WatchKit.

For a while I’ve had a kinda irrational fear of Youtube. While I spend a non insignificant portion of my week watching content there, I’ve never really made anything for it. This WatchKit series seemed like the perfect opportunity to change that. So this morning I sat down and recorded a super high-level tutorial on building a basic WatchKit app. It turned out reasonably well I think. The production is certainly a bit rough…BUT, I made it and it is out there now (yay!).

Recently I’ve found that I struggle with setting too high a bar for myself for putting things out into the world. This WatchKit series is about trying to get comfortable with just shipping a lot more. I’m pretty good at this with software but still get stuck with writing/podcast/video.

I hope you enjoy:

If this is at all useful please let me know. Feedback appreciated.

David Smith