AILW: Spring Forward Event Announced

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Apple has begun sending out invitations for a media event on March 9th. It is a pretty reasonable assumption that this will be the event where we get more specific details about the Watch and its launch.

The timing of the event is intriguing and perhaps slightly telling. Tim Cook has said that the Watch will begin shipping “in April”.

March 9th is 3.5 weeks from April 1st. I doubt Apple would be holding the event this soon if they weren’t expecting to ship in very early April.

If “in April” actually meant “end of April” an event this early would seem to forestall the excitement of the launch.

The earliest possible date is April 1st. Apple was founded on that date in 1976, so it isn’t crazy to think they’d pick that. Though the logistics of launching on a Wednesday are a bit awkward, so if they didn’t go the sentimental route then that first weekend (3rd/4th) seems very likely now.

This is making me feel a bit more pressure to get my WatchKit apps ready. I still think that March 20 is a reasonable deadline but now I’m less confident that it won’t be a bit before that.

Opens Xcode, puts on headphones, gets back to work.

David Smith