iPhone Timelapses

I’ve been rather enjoying the daily Vlog Series that Casey Neistat has been doing. It is rather striking how a combination of talent and technology can allow for the creation of something of this quality on a daily basis.

Particularly interesting was a comment he made in today’s episode. In it he describes his process for capturing the timelapse shots that punctuate each video.

While up on the roof of his apartment he walks through the various cameras he uses— a dSLR, a point and shoot and an iPhone. The rather remarkable conclusion is that he says the best ones came from his iPhone. This coming from a professional film-maker.

I couldn’t agree more. The thing that makes the iPhone particularly great at this is that a timelapse is far more about software than hardware. The absolute quality of each individual frame is largely irrelevant when combining them at 30fps. So long as the iPhone can take good enough still photos (which it does) then the output is solid.

What I find makes the iPhone timelapses so great is how seamless the process of making them is. You just hit record, wait a few minutes, hit stop. The result always looks great and requires zero fiddling.

I’m writing this from an airplane so I figured I should end with a timelapse of my own.

David Smith