My WatchKit Apps

watchOS series

For the last 5 months I’ve been hard at work on my Apple Watch apps. With watches arriving later this week, I’m delighted to finally show what I’ve been working on. I have eight apps ready for this week’s introduction.


Pedometer++ has been updated to show your progress towards your activity goals right from your Apple Watch. You can quickly check how active you have been over the course of the last week on the graph shown. The app also includes a Glance view that shows your current step count for the day. (App Store Link)

My Recipe Book

My Recipe Book has been updated to now let you manage your Grocery List directly on your wrist. Perfect for when you are out at the store. You can quickly check your wrist to see what else you need to pick up. You can also add items via dictation directly on your Wrist. The Glance view gives you a quick reference without ever leaving your clock face. (App Store Link)


Audiobooks has been updated to let you control playback of your audiobooks right from your Apple Watch. You can also manage playback from the main Now Playing Glance. Your library is also shown below the playback controls letting you easily switch books. (App Store Link)

Feed Wrangler

Feed Wrangler has been updated to let you skim your RSS feeds from your Apple Watch. While probably not the best venue for long-form reading it is perfect for quickly catching up on headlines. You can preview the article, mark it as read, or send it right to your read-later service. (App Store Link)

Pod Wrangler

Pod Wrangler has been updated to let you control playback of your podcasts from your wrist. Force Touch controls let you change playback speed and activate the sleep timer. You can also manage playback from the main Now Playing Glance. (App Store Link)

Watch 2048

Watch 2048, play the beloved game 2048 right from your Apple Watch. Watch 2048 scales down your favorite number puzzler into a package that fits on your wrist. Perfect for quick games when you have only a moment or two. (App Store Link)

Watch & Repeat

Watch & Repeat is a beguilingly simple yet challenging game you can play right on your Apple Watch. Four colored buttons light up in increasingly complex sequences. Your job, just remember the pattern and repeat it back. Sounds easy right? But each time you get the pattern right it gets longer, taxing your memory and attention. A perfect diversion for those spare moments. Just raise your wrist and start playing. (App Store Link)

Watch Tip Calculator.

Watch Tip Calculator is well…a tip calculator. The very first app I ever wrote back in 2008 was a Tip Calculator. Building on that, I have since gone on to build my entire livelihood from app development. So it seemed only fitting to make one of my first apps for the Apple Watch a Tip Calculator too. The app lets you easily calculate the tip for a given meal with a variety of tip rules. (App Store Link)

David Smith