Discontinuing support for Check the Weather

Four years ago today I introduced a weather app called Check the Weather. I was really proud of how it turned out. It was my first app where I was able to do everything ‘right’ from the beginning. It was localized, had solid VoiceOver support and had an actual marketing plan to get it off the ground.

It got off to a great start and was the first of my apps to break into the Top Charts. I’m really proud of how it turned out and have used it regularly ever since.

Sadly, however, the time has come to discontinue support for the app. The cost of providing weather data to it has grown too large to sustain. It has been operating at a slight loss for the last 2 years, which I didn’t mind providing as I used the app myself. However, a recent change in the pricing for my radar data provider has made it infeasible to continue providing weather data for the app.

I removed the app from sale about two months ago when it became clear that I would have to discontinue support for it. I didn’t want anyone to purchase it and then have it immediately turned off. The vast majority of purchases for the app occurred several years ago so hopefully most of the users will feel they got their money’s worth.

I will be turning off the radar data in the app this week and the general weather data at the end of the year.

I’d like to thank everyone who purchased Check the Weather. I’m genuinely sad to see it go, but the time has come.

David Smith