Introducing Workouts++

A quick overview of Workouts++

Just in time for all your New Years Resolutions, I’m delighted to announce my newest app, Workouts++.

Workouts++ lets you completely customize your Apple Watch workouts to display whatever fitness data you’d like — from a 6 metric display packed with info to a focused single metric display. For each metric you can setup conditional coloring and haptic alerts to help keep you in the zone. You can even display graphs of your performance to help you understand how well your workout is going. My goal was to create the most customizable workout app possible for the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch app then lets you use these custom workout screens during your workout, with your configured haptics keeping you on track.

I added a feature to the Apple Watch to help make ending your workout better when your fingers are wet or are wearing gloves. You can now do this solely using the Digital Crown.

Back on your iPhone once the workout is complete you can browse all the collected workouts in the Workouts area. This includes summary statistics as well as minute-by-minute graphs showing precisely your performance.

I started out making the perfect workout app for myself and I believe I ended up making the best workout app for the Apple Watch, period. I hope you’ll give it a try.

Workouts++ is typically going to be $4.99, but is on a 20% launch sale for $3.99 until January 2nd.

I made a walkthrough video below showing how the app works in practice to give you a better idea how best to use Workouts++.

A detailed walkthrough of Workouts++
David Smith