Apple Watch: 38,299 hours on my wrist

Yesterday was the five year anniversary of the initial release of the Apple Watch. If you’ve read this blog for any length of time you’ll know I’m rather a big fan of it. I’m honestly having a tough time wrapping my brain around that it has been five years since I first put one on my wrist. I feel like it has always been there.

I wanted to quantify that feeling so I wrote a little program to calculate just how much I’ve had worn an Apple Watch on my wrist since its release. I expected the number to be high, but I wasn’t sure quite how high.

My approach was to use HealthKit to determine how many hour-long periods I had recorded a heart rate sample. This seemed like a good rough proxy for how often I was wearing my Apple watch. While obviously not perfect as it includes periods where I wasn’t wearing it for a whole hour, it should give a solid general sense of my patterns.

The result was that I have worn an Apple Watch for 38,299 hours out of a possible 43,869 since mine first arrived five years ago, or for 87.3% of my life during that period.

This has to be the largest association I have with any worn object other than my wedding ring.

My wearing habits seem to follow a few clear patterns. During the initial period I wore it roughly 50-60% each day, taking it off at night to charge while I slept. Then around August of 2015 I had the idea to build Sleep++ and suddenly my typical day jumps to nearly 100%…and has remained there ever since.

There have been a few periods where I have intentionally taken it off. This are usually around holidays or vacations where I’m seeking to truly ‘disconnect’. Otherwise, if it is a normal day, there has been an Apple Watch on my wrist.

I am really grateful for this device. It has become a constant companion both in my daily life and in my work. Developing apps for it continues to be the most rewarding part of my work. I look forward to the next 38,299 hours wearing one and seeing how this platfrom continues to grow and evolve.

If you want to give this a try with your own Health data I posted the script here. You’ll need a developer account to run it on an actual device.

David Smith