iPhone 14 Pro Photographs in Scotland

As part of my Apple Watch Ultra Testing Trip I took a number of photographs with my new iPhone 14 Pro. I was really pleased with how these turned out and thought it might be helpful to share them to give a sense of the kind of photos possible with the new camera system.

Tap on any of these photos to see them at full resolution.

Stitched Panoramas

With a 48 megapixel sensor I was really curious to see how the detail in a stitched panorama might look, so I took a series of overlapping pictures while turning my body between each image. I then combined these together using Lightroom’s Photo Merge features.

From Dun Deardail Fort. 15 photograph panorama. 25,326 × 6,609 (167 Megapixels!!). [Seriously, click on this photo and zoom in, it is wild how much detail the 48MP sensor could record]

Blackwater Reservoir. 7 photograph panorama. 14,452 × 6,653 pixels (96 Megapixels).

Regular Photographs

These were all captured in ProRAW and edited in the Apple Photos app.

Lairig Gartain Valley. 1x Main lens.

Pond near Bà Bridge. 3x Telephoto Lens.

Lagangarbh. 1x Main lens.

A82 from Altnafeadh. 3x Telephoto Lens.

Stob Dearg. 3x Telephoto Lens.

Fence Post near Lairigmor. 1x Main lens.

The Mamores. 3x Telephoto Lens.

Interestingly for a situation where I was constantly surrounded by large, sweeping landscapes I found that the ultra wide angle lens wasn’t actually all that useful. Typically the regular 1x lens was wide enough. What I really would have appreciated more often was a slightly longer zoom.

David Smith