Independent as in Freedom, not Independent as in Alone

I’m delighted to announce that I have brought on Stephen Hackett to help me with my apps. He will be working on customer communication, marketing and generally creating space for me to focus on the programming oriented parts of my work.

Something that’s been rattling around my mind recently is the phrase “Independent as in Freedom, not Independent as in Alone”. For so long I think I have been conflating those two ideas in my head. Which has not been serving me well.

I am extraordinarily proud of being an “indie”, it is a meaningful part of my professional identity. As such I held on too long to a sense of needing to do it all myself. But I’ve grown in this regard and I am extremely excited about what Stephen and I will be able to accomplish together.

My personal definition of being an “indie” has grown and been improved upon. It isn’t about being alone, it’s about the freedom to choose your own path and then walk it in the manner aligned to your own values. That part of the indie life I don’t expect to ever give up, but I can walk that path with others and expect the journey to be all the richer as a result.

David Smith