iOS Device Stats Update

For many years I have posted a collection of iOS and device statistics collected from my Audiobooks app. Each new year I like to do a bit of a round-up summarizing the trends and details I see.

I also overhauled the data I present on my stats page. It now includes a detailed breakdown of the adoption for each device individually, rather than just in aggregate. The page is getting a bit overloaded with data but that is a problem for another day.

Here are a few highlights for the iOS ecosystem as of January 8, 2014 (just shy of 4 months since iOS 7 was introduced).

  • Overall iOS 7 adoption sits around 75%. My data is currently slightly lower than Apple’s App Store summary, but has always tracked closely within 1-3%.
  • iOS 7 adoption for the iPhone is around 81%.
  • iOS 7 adoption for the iPad is around 75%. This lag is largely due to the iPad 1 which still comprises 10% of use.
  • Around 13% of used devices could only ever have run iOS 7 (iPhone 5s/5c, iPad Air, iPad Mini Retina).
  • The iPhone 5s appears to be outselling the 5c by around a 2.5-to-1 margin.
  • The proportion of iPhones that are the newer 4″ form factor will shortly overtake the 3.5″, currently at 45% vs 55%.
  • Across all device types around 80% have retina screens. On iPhones this is 97%. On iPads it is only 52%, due in large part to the widespread use of the iPad 2 and iPad mini.
  • Around 25% of iPads in are equipped with Cellular radios, which is almost exactly the same as a year ago.
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David Smith