Introducing As I Learn WatchKit (AILW)

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I’m starting to really get into WatchKit development. In the two weeks since it was unveiled I’ve gone through every resource I can find to wrap my head around what is possible and have not begun the exciting phase of actually starting to build things.

I’ve decided that I’m going to attempt to chronicle my process of learning and development with WatchKit here in a series called ‘As I Learn WatchKit’ (AILW). Exactly how often and what format these posts will take I’m not completely sure on yet but I’m hoping for something vaguely similar to Brent Simmons’ Vesper Sync Diary. My hope is that I can unpack the process of developing Apple Watch apps as I go.

The reason I’m giving it a silly name and calling it out separately from my normal blog posts is to trick myself into writing more. By setting a more ‘in process’ expectation I will hopefully be able to feel more comfortable posting more half-formed ideas and in process thinking. Which is likely actually more useful than just going off and building things and reporting back at the end.

If you want to follow along subscribe to the RSS feed for the site here in your RSS sync service of choice (if you don’t have one, I have a rather biased recommendation for one).

The Series So Far

I’ll be keeping a list of the early posts in the series here…if the series gains some traction I’ll likely move this to a dedicated page.

  • Dec 1: The first post in the series on visualizing WatchKit apps is available here.
  • Dec 2: The second post in the series on learning from the Developer Forums is available here.
  • Dec 5: The third post in the series is a video showing building a basic watchkit app is available here.
  • Dec 5: The fourth post in the series is a podcast episode about the Economics of WatchKit apps, which is available here.
David Smith