Pedometer += 5,000,000

One my apps just hit a significant milestone. Pedometer++ had its 5,000,000th download. I find it mind bending to even imagine a number like that. It works out to be roughly the population of Ireland.

It is remarkable to me how something so simple can have had such a far reaching appeal. While the number is very fun and something I’m quite proud of, by far the coolest part of making this app has been the countless stories from users who have used it as part of a broader life change. It is truly staggering that something that started it’s life as a few UILabels and a switch could have gone on to be a part in genuinely improving the quality and health of people’s lives.

I am very grateful for all of the customers of the app, and while there are rather too many of you to thank individually, please consider this my thank-you note to all of you.


David Smith